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Who We Are

Feature Film School is a brand new training model for screenwriters, filmmakers and actors and is solely based on the structure of feature film production.
Feature Film School was founded by film producer Matthew Toman and unlike other acting courses FFS is run in conjunction with a film production company and uses current working screenwriters, producers, directors and cinematographers to train and develop emerging talent.

Our Courses

Feature Film Project

This acting course is the first of its kind as it gives every student a guaranteed featured role in a feature-length film at the end of it.  Two nights per week over twelve weeks, you’ll work closely with the directer to develop your character and prepare you for the course’s final two weeks: a full-time feature film shoot.  Whether you are just beginning your acting career or already have experience, you’ll get everything you need to take your career to the next step including original show-reel footage, IMDb credits and a private screening to showcase your talent to invited agents, casting directors, family and friends.

Our previous feature film projects received distribution and continue to showcase at various film festivals.

Screenwriters Lab

Have you got a story you want to tell? Two nights per week over eight weeks we will guide you step by step putting together your script from treatment to first draft. Guiding you through character development, in-depth research, and creating an engaging story to capture an audience, our industry professionals will help move you one step closer to bringing your script to market.

The Producers Lab

For any aspiring cameramen, sound engineers and everything post-production, this is the course for you. Working alongside industry professionals on a live working set gaining unprecedented knowledge across every stage of the film-making process from pre-production to production to post-production.

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