About Feature Film School

Feature Film School is the only acting program to offer you an ‘into the  industry’ course with direct experience working with award-winning  talent and a guaranteed starring role in a feature film.

6 Week Course

Week 1

Aristotle’s Seven Story Principles
Joseph Campbell’s teachings: Myth; Archetype; Metaphor; The Hero’s Journey
Carl Jung’s teachings: The power of psychological symbols
The outer journey of the story as it corresponds to the inner journey of the protagonist
The importance of a theme
Finding your story

Week 2

5 screenplays that are practically perfect: discussed and dissected
Mapping your script: Paradigms and structures
The importance of a Central Premise
Knowing your genre
Strategies for storytelling

Week 3

Plot points
Story beats
Working to a beat sheet
The Bechdel Test
The power of morning pages

Week 4

Meeting your characters
The new style of screenplay – the evolution of the modern screenplay
Tyre-kicking your rough draft
Group discussion — feedback and identification

Week 5

Workshopping key scenes with actors
Strong endings
Killing your darlings
Final polish

Week 6

Locking off your first draft
Synopses, treatments, and other truncations
So, you’ve finished your screenplay. Now what?
Selecting the right readers
Getting it out there

Screen Writer 2 Day Master Class


Day 1

Morning: Overview of story principles. A look at Metaphor and Archetypes. Working with a theme. Paradigms and structure.

Afternoon: Working with their script/scene/idea. Working with story structure. Mapping the story to the Hero’s Journey.

Day 2

Morning: Meeting your characters. Genres and conventions. Shaping your story. Plot points. Story beats. 5 screenplays that are practically perfect.

Afternoon: Denouement. Reverse engineering your script. Troubleshooting. Planning and executing the writing of your script. Tips for moving forward. The evolution of the modern screenplay.

Guest Tutor Announced Soon.

Limited Spaces Available